Compendium of Actinobacteria

The Compendium of Actinomycetales is an electronic manual of the important bacterial class Actinobacteria compiled by PD Dr. Joachim Wink (Sanofi-Aventis).

In the manual most of the known species of the different genera are described and their colony growth is documented in pictures as well as their microstructure in scanning electron microscopy. In the beginning version of 2009 about 1200 species belonging to 161 genera are described. Every year the descriptions will be updated.

The microorganisms are cultivated and characterized in the laboratories of Sanofi-Aventis Germany during the last 15 years. The basis of the compendium was part of the habilitation at the Carolo-Wilhelmina University at Brunswick and the work is carried out in a strong collaboration with the DSMZ and its researchers.
Joachim Wink

Wink compendium fotos

Actinomadura namibiensis (left) and
Actinoplanes friuliensis (two new described species)

The methods for the taxonomic description of the Actinobacteria are documented in this PDF file.

An Excel file with links to all PDF files of the compendium - sorted by species name - can be downloaded